Behnoode Foundation, Along With A Generous Couple, Is Helping Make A Difference In The Lives Of Children In Africa

Editorial Staff
2 min readAug 30, 2021


Many individuals around the world only work towards their desires and dreams, while a few others make sure they make a positive impact on the lives of others in whatever way they can. Having the vision to help children in Africa was one of the greatest visions and dreams of a girl named Marina Yedess, which she realized after receiving the Mira Vision Board Kit as a gift from the creator Iryna Poladko.

The vision board kit is all about manifesting the life that people dream of. It helps people build their visions in life and get them nearer fulfilling the same. Since Marina’s biggest dream was to help kids in Africa, Iryna suggested she be more specific and hence, they began with Zanzibar, an island next to Africa. That is how they created the ” The Power of Dreams” project.

Marina says that the wishing board changed her vision of the world, her future and the present, for her the first place was to create a family, to meet a person by fate who will share her place about Africa, and this happened as soon as the tickets were bought, she met the man from the vision board. the same dreams and goals did not make the person wait long, and the couple got married, but they did not leave their dreams of a project with Africa, so the couple decided to cancel the wedding celebrations and invest in a small production of tables and chairs for schools in Zanzibar.

However, what’s even more interesting and exciting is that the couple met Behnood Javaherpour, the world-renowned art curator, entrepreneur and philanthropist, and now they have joined hands to take this initiative forward. His organization ‘Behnoode Foundation‘ is working towards helping and supporting this genuine cause in multiple ways.

Their mission together today is to change the educational system in Zanzibar, one school at a time out of the total 230 schools. They have been working with a plan in mind, which is about providing the right number of tables and chairs in all classrooms, renovating walls and rooftops, repainting from inside/out, purchasing all stationery materials, organizing a library and buying textbooks and books, arrangement of things in teacher’s room, providing computer and printer, and so much more.

Behnoode Foundation, with this altruistic couple, is leaving no stone unturned to provide a brighter future to the children of Africa.